Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lavenham 'Mook Book'!

During the Summer, Cafe Knit had a lovely long visit from some young Japanese men and women, who wanted to feature Cafe Knit in their exclusive 'Mook Book'; a brochure produced for for exclusive distribution in Japan (where this local clothing company has a massive following!)

The resulting glossy brochure features a selection of Lavenham businesses, and local celebrities, and there, just next to a review  of The Great House, is a lovely little review of Cafe Knit!

I was delighted to recieve a copy of the brochure, and a cute quilted tote bag, which as you can see is just perfect for my knitting!!

Here is our entry in the brochure.....

and here is my lovely little tote bag - perfect for my knitting!