Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cafe Knit Web Review!

I'm very excited! Cafe Knit has had it's first review, to be published in Knitting magazine, April Issue. Once it's published I'll scan it in here.
I've also finished my secret squirrel project - image to appear tomorrow, once I have given it to the recipient! And now that's out the way, I'm well on my way to finishing a couple more small projects....

Some Baby Bootees for Spike, the 4th child of some friends, who arrived a week before Dominic. Hopefully it won't be too hot for him to wear them now...! I don't like the ribbon I've used in the photos, so I'll change that, but the yarn was beautiful to knit with - the largely undiscovered Mirasol Chirapa, 100% merino wool which comes in a range of lovely hand-dyed colours, I used 'Rainbow Jade'
And I have just cast on for another pair of bootees, this time using some pink cotton from my stash, for a friend who had a baby girl two weeks ago. These are my kind of quick and easy projects!
Once those are finished I am going to knit myself an easy jumper using Louisa Harding Hulda yarn in charcoal, with an edging of blue and purple, I think. It's meant to be a fair isle jumper from her eclectic 'Wildspur' book, but at the rate I'm knitting at the moment it would be next winter before I finish, so I think I'll just knit a plain version.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mmmm, lovely yarn

Having a bad day today. For some reason Dom is unsettled and isn't keen on napping and consequently the 101 things I needed to get done today have been put on the back burner...oh well....

However, my day has just been cheered up by the arrival of some new stock to drool over - Noro Silk Garden Lite. It is just yummy! The colours are just so gorgeous, they are impossible to describe. It makes me want to stop what I am knitting right now and knit myself a gorgeous little jacket for Spring. I particularly love this shade - Lilac, Brown and Green - all my favourite colours in one little ball...