Sunday, 2 March 2008

Fit for a princess

Well, here they are. Gloves fit for a princess. My mum loved them - but not as much as she loved hearing her door open on Thursday afternoon and finding Milly standing there with a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a big grin on her face!

We managed the journey to Suffolk in record time (for me anyway - I'm not the fastest driver). Milly point blank refused to nap, preferring instead to watch her favourite "Horrid Henry" DVD on her portable DVD player (great invention, until you are driving along the motorway and you hear cries of "It's stopped working Mummy". Then try explaining to a 4 year old which is the play button and where it is located....Challenging!
I also managed to finish the hat for my Uncle (not without its complications - I ended up knitting two, the first was far too big, so I had to start the 2nd on the train on the way to work. As it happened I nearly finished it on my return journey, as the Metropolitan line was so badly delayed Thursday lunchtime. I was knitting with 10mm needles, so its not surprising) Anyway it turns out my Uncle was 19 on Friday, not 18.75 as I had thought. My Aunt and Uncle were also delighted to see Milly, and Milly spent a happy hour with my Uncle (a former teacher) writing on the blackboard which covers a wall in their home. I remember whiling away my time at the same blackboard over 30 years earlier! Anyway, my Uncle is minor celebrity in his home town, after being featured on the front cover of two local newspapers this weekend, with the headline "Pensioner is 19 today!"
Rest of trip was brilliant. I drove us all out to Dunwich on Friday and we had a bracing walk along the, followed by a reward of delicious freshly cooked fish and chips in the Flora's Team Rooms aka the Beach Cafe. Dunwich, you may or may not know, is famous for what isn't there. it used to be the capital of Suffolk, but gradually the sea advanced foot by foot and in 1286 a storm swallowed up the remainder of town. Legend has it that is you listen carefully you can hear the sound of church bells ringing beneath the waves. Then we drove on to Snape Maltings and had a browse in the lovely shops there. Finally home on Saturday afternoon to find Mike had just finished redecorating the bathroom. Excellent timing.
My mothers day treat today was a lovely card - written by Milly's fair hand, and my greenhouse was washed and tidied for me. Now, that is a real luxury. Never in a million, trillion years would I have got around to actually washing my greenhouse.
Tonight, I think I will chill out and maybe treat myself to a luxurious bath in the new bathroom