Monday, 10 October 2011

Elladora Doesgood

On one of my recent forays to the village park last week with Dom, I bumped into a lovely lady, Amanda, who was walking three gorgeous and excitable whippets, much to Dom's amusement (the sight of them bouncing and racing everywhere caused a fit of giggling!!)

We got talking and I mentioned the impending launch of Cafe Knit on the high street in Lavenham, at which point Amanda dashed off in the direction of her house and came back minutes later waving a small yellow book.  It turns out she is the author of a lovely book Elladora Doesgood, which I have seen for sale in many little shops in Lavenham.  She is currently writing the sequel and one of the main characters in the book starts knitting!!  What a coincidence!

I have just begun reading the book; you can download it of buy it using the following link ; Elladora Doesgood .  Already I'm hooked and hoping Dom and Milly decide to have a lie-in (though it is a school day, so there's a limit to how far I can push it!!)