Monday, 25 June 2012

Noro Magazine 2012 - Issue 1

Noro Knitting Magazine 2012 - the first issue - it's too exciting for words! Almost!

33 patterns, £4.95 - you simply cannot go wrong.  But in case you need any prompting, here are a few words that have been written about the magazine:

"Many, many years ago, Eisaku Noro took a leap of faith. Trusting his experience and knowledge, his instincts and determination, he envisioned creating a yarn like no other. So many exuberant entrepreneurial moments like this end without success, but not this one. We can only imagine how hard Mr. Noro worked to market a yarn so overtly individual and carve a growing niche in a hand-knitting market dominated by single-color balls and skeins. Speaking for the knitters of the world, we say: Bravo, Mr. Noro! Your vision inspires us: We are mesmerized as stitch after stitch forms and falls from our needles. We expect the unexpected, crave the next color, and are often hopelessly addicted. Our editors are voracious Noro knitters, so putting together this magazine has been an exciting experience for us. We congratulate the talented designers who embraced the unique qualities of Noro yarns, experimented with shape and form, color and construction, and created such inspiring results"

Mr Noro: We salute you.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sorbet Stripes Finished

I finished my Sorbet Striped top on Monday evening whilst watching the Jubilee Concert, so here it is.....

I love it and it actually fits! Of course it's not the weather to wear it now, although I have been (with a long sleeved T-shirt underneath).  It's not my usual colours, but its very cheerful and summery to wear.

It took almost all of my three balls of Louisa Harding Willow Tweed - I had inches left.  Before I started the sleeves I weighed what I had left and divided it in two, just to make sure I had enough for both sleeves!!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Lavenham Celebrates the Jubilee (Part 1)

Lavenham is pulling all the stops out when it comes to celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and its lovely.  It sounds corny, but there really is a community spirit here.  The entire village has gone bunting-tastic!  Here are a few pictures, starting with Cafe Knit and our handknitted bunting of course....!

Then opposite us there is Lavenham Contemporary Gallery, and the fantastic (but slightly anarchistic when you look close up!) Union Flag painted by artist Paul Evans....

I love this view looking from the High Street into the Market Square, not a telegraph pole in sight....

The Guildhall always looks amazing but it looks even more impressive with these banners.

Lavenham have been running its own Crown Jewels Competition, with all proceeds going to Lavenham Pre-school, and today was judgement day.  I helped set up the entries today in the Guildhall (and they will be on display until Tuesday 5th June, so please come and admire them yourself!).  Here is Lavenham Preschool's entry, complete with pictures of all the children.  Dominic is at the bottom of the sword!

Next up is the adult entry; these crowns are amazing and the second from the left is knitted, complete with cushion!

The business category had one outstanding (and tasty!) entry.  The Great House Restaurant crown is amazing, made of nut brittle and profiteroles (I tasted a bit of spare nut brittle and it was lovely!)

And the remaining Business entries were fab too.

Come down to Lavenham Guildhall and take a look if you can!

I will try and remember to take pictures of the rest of the weekends celebrations, but now it's time for some knitting!