Thursday, 15 May 2008

It's a wrap

...or is it? I love it. I made the pattern up and used some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakan which I had previously HATED knitting with, but combined with some Brittany Birch needles, it all went swimmingly. Before I crocheted the edge using some left over Sari Ribbon I had, I washed the wrap and it actually felted slightly giving it a lovely heavier texture. It's so gorgeous, I can't wait to wear it. Intended destination: St Agnes, Cornwall, Time: 3 weeks. Cool summer evenings.

Actually, I've realised now that it would be a great gift for any new mum -she could wear it and it's soft enough, and big enough to wrap baby in too. I think I'll be making a few more of these in the future...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Da Da!

Not the best picture, but it's finished at last. Husband's jumper. The biggest thing I have ever knitted. Probably The Biggest Thing I will ever knit. And just in time for this week's blazing heat.
Still being cynical I'm sure he'll get plenty of wear out of it if last summer is anything to go by.
I've started on my next project - actually I've started on two. Very naughty. Firstly I trawled my stash and decided to knit up some Rowan Big Wool Fusion I had in a light lime green, and I decided to make the cardigan on the cover of the new shapes book. I finished the back in a day or so (although it does look very small?) and then it got really hot and I got fed up of lugging it in my bag to and from work.

So then I decided to make up a triangular wrap/shawl, which I thought would be cosy for cool summer evenings in Cornwall (4 weeks away!). I'm knitting that in some cream Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakan I picked up in the winter sales. it's lovely and soft and looks good but it's not my favourite to knit. I think I'm going to crochet an edge on it using some left over Sari Ribbon, so it will look a bit special. Watch this space!