Friday, 11 March 2011

Vintage Mother of Pearl Buttons

I've always been a big fan of buttons, I can remember many a happy hour spent during the summer holidays sorting through my mother's button tin.  (my 2 year old god-daughter is currently sorting through my button tin as I type!) So imagine my delight when I took delivery of the first of many batches of these gorgeous vintage mother of pearl buttons. Although they date back from the 1960's, these buttons are only just seeing the light of day. They were originally from a button factory in Yorkshire, but the button holes were never drilled - in fact they are being hand drilled for me now.

The pictures just can't convey the fabulous colours and quality of these buttons - they are around 2mm thick and the colours are so rich, they would be a lovely finishing touch to any knitted garment, and we will have many more colours and shapes coming soon.