Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Kate's Hat

And here it is in all it's glory!

A very quick (3 hours of knitting) and satisfying knit, and Kate loves it.  Looking good!

Noro Kochoran is beautiful to knit with, soft and chunky, knitting up on 5mm needles

Now, what shall I knit tonight?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Noro Kochoran - Quick Knit Hat

Just had to share some pictures of three lovely new shades of Noro Kochoran which has just been delivered.

Since we seem to be in for a bit of a cold spell, why not knit yourself a big chunky hat with just one skein?

I have just cast one on for Kate (she doesn't want to wait until she has knitted it herself as she thinks it may be Spring by then!)....hope to have it complete by Wednesday, but I'll keep you posted!!

Its freezing

With people coming into the shop and talking about how cold it is outside ( still 2 degrees) it's dawned on me that Lavenham is a beautiful place for a knitting shop, but when the winds blow from the north, it's freezing. Luckily we've got the hot chocs and coffees to to keep us going!

Winter evening project

As January draws to a close, I'm in a funny knitting mood.  I've finished a couple of big projects recently, but I don't want to start another big one yet; I want to knit something small and get some quick results!  I've found a perfect project for these long cold winter evenings:  a fabulous scarf that I can knit in just a couple of hours!

Tonia scarf yarn is amazing; all you need is one ball, a pair of 8mm needles, a couple of hours spare and you are away!  In the shop Kate and myself have been knitting these like crazy.  I'm storing the finished scarfs away so I have a stash of last minute gifts....!  At the moment we have 7 fabulous colours in stock and at only £6.95 per ball you can't go wrong!